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Little Bird Product Philosophy

We understand that the efficacy of this botanical relies on the entourage of its compounds working together. Whole-plant synergy produces results. Our specialty is formulating with the often underappreciated hemp plant extracts. We use essential oil from fresh hemp flowers and the resulting hydrosol from that distillation. We make our own whole-flower lipid infusions, and even formulate with the hemp roots!

Vibrant, fresh, colorful, herbal ingredients are what inspire us. We are driven by the endless creative potential of combining those ingredients to address the skin and wellness needs of our customers. We are here for the aromas, textures, and restorative potential that nature offers.

Our products are intentional, practical, and informed by science and traditional use. We don’t care about fad ingredients that are used in tiny amounts just to sound good on the label. An understanding of how the body uses a compound and which method of application will allow for absorption and efficacy are non-negotiable factors in our formulation process.

We have a “do no harm” approach. We promise safe and gentle formulas for our customers with ingredients that aren’t disrupting our natural environment and which are procured under fair and healthy business practices. All of our marketing materials and packaging are made with tree-free hemp paper or plantable seed paper. Our containers are primarily glass and all components can be recycled or reused.

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