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Meet The Formulator

Little Bird's formulator, Dyana, is standing in front of a scale measuring ingredients in her studio lab. There is a shelf behind her with jars and equipment. She is wearing a denim apron and her hair is braided.

First a Confession

I am obsessed with formulating.

In the background of my mind, I am always building formulas. I often dream about ingredient combinations. I annoy my family by always talking about this ingredient and that ingredient and “did you know”, etc. It is a “job” that never bores me and my love for it grows each time I step into my studio lab with all its smells, colors, and equipment. I’m immensely grateful to be here every day.

My personality leans heavily towards perfectionism and I see all the little details, even if I don't want to. I think this is both a blessing and a curse :-) Luckily, I have an incredible outlet for it in the way of composing, calculating, measuring, mixing, and presenting Little Bird products to the world.

Why This Work

I deeply respect traditional herbalism. I feel compelled to share about it and support its survival and relevance in any way I can. My formulas are based heavily on its principles and methods. Communities in all corners of the planet have survived and thrived for thousands of years because they used plants and food for healing and maintaining good health.

In my opinion, Cannabis sativa is a traditional herb. It has a rich history of successful, and therapeutic use. We now understand that our bodies have a built-in system that eagerly communicates with phytocannabinoids in a very positive way. And although our laws are beginning to change so as to allow access once again to this beneficial herb, the industry itself is still largely stuck in a drug dealing mentality, wrought with stigma, bad business ethics, and racial and gender inequalities.

I want to demonstrate what it looks like, and what it feels like when cannabis formulation is approached holistically while informed by science and traditional use. It is an herb for everyone. Hemp-centric brands can be ethical, sophisticated, grounded, and with intentions that override wanting to cash in on a hyped-up isolated compound.

Part of my drive to do this work is knowing that I get to directly create something that makes another person feel good. That’s it, that’s the goal. I live for the positive feedback and success stories that something I put out into the world is helping another person feel better, feel more confident, feel joy, feel SOMETHING.

I’m not Catholic, but a quote I once read from Mother Teresa has stuck with me for years. I always think of it when I’m feeling overwhelmed about what to do or how to contribute positively to the betterment of our world. Mother Teresa said, “Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.”

So, that’s what I’m doing with our small business. Though I recognize I am fortunate to be able to reach folks who are not right next to me - thank you internet - but what I mean is that I’m not worried about getting big or bought out or taking over the world. I want to get to know and understand the needs of the people who find us and then grow our offerings to meet those needs, with love and intention.

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